Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Easy Raspberry Cream Cake

This is a delicious cake that is a little more diabetic friendly than a typical frosted cake. It is so, so easy! (Some days I need my own "Easy Button" like they have in those Staples commercials).

Step One: Go to the nearest grocer's and purchase an angel food cake. You could make your own if you really want, and I've done that before, but that would take away some of the easy part of this recipe. Also pick up a 12 oz. carton of Cool Whip and some unsweetened frozen raspberries (about a 10 oz. bag).

Step Two: Dump the raspberries in a bowl, stir in 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, and let them sit until softened and juicy. Thaw the Cool Whip.

Step Three: Cut the angel food in half horizontally, so you now have two rounds.

Step Four: Lay the bottom round on a serving plate (silver plate shown came from All A Dollar!) and hollow out a small channel in the center of the round. This channel will help keep the raspberries in the middle of the two layers. Cover the channel with a thin layer of thawed Cool Whip. Fill with half of the raspberries and juice. Cover with top round of angel food. Begin covering the outside of the cake with Cool Whip. Some raspberry juice will leak out. No problem. Let it leak!

Step Five: Use the Cool Whip to form a well around the top of the cake and fill that well and then the center hole of the cake with the rest of the raspberries and juice. Any juice that runs to the bottom and pools on the serving plate will be soaked up by the cake, so again, no worries.

Step Six: Cover the raspberries on top with Cool Whip, and then add more Cool Whip to the outside edges, swirling it with any juice. This makes the Cool Whip look pink.

Step Seven (final step!): Put Cool Whip into the center hole, sealing up the cake edges so they don't show, as shown above. Give the cake a final once over, swirling the Cool Whip with the spatula and making it look however you'd like. I like the swirly look. Put the cake in the refrigerator until ready to serve, preferably at least a couple of hours to solidify it. Then slice and enjoy! Serves 8.

*Note: Typically I use real whipped cream instead of Cool Whip in my recipes, but I found with this recipe that the Cool Whip was better at holding everything together, especially when the cake was cut. Feel free to try it with real cream, but I would whip it pretty stiff for more stability. The Cool Whip also will not start to separate like whipped cream does.

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