Saturday, July 30, 2011

A little motivation

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation in the exercise department.  I needed a little reminder of the benefits of exercise, so I decided to share what I found here.  I checked out the top ten facts about exercise over at Webmd. Pretty interesting stuff. It should help keep me going another year.

1. Get a boost in brain power. Who doesn't need that?
2. Melt away stress. Another thing most of us could probably use. And it's 100% natural!
3. Release more endorphins into your system and feel more energized the rest of the day. Amen.
4. Making time isn't THAT hard. Squeezing your workouts in in two or three 15-20 minute chunks works as well as doing an hour at once.
5. Fitness can help build your relationships with others. I agree with that. Exercise is much more fun when I do it with my husband. My husband and oldest daughter are training for a half-marathon together too. (I wish I could join them but I have knee problems. That's a story for another post!)
6. Stay healthier. Exercise helps ward off disease. It also helps make the aging process easier.
7. Exercise makes your heart stronger. When it is stronger, it pumps more blood per beat, so that your resting heart rate will be lower.
8. If you exercise you can eat more. :)
9. Exercise boosts your performance in many other areas of life. It will increase balance, flexibility and strength. My balance is MUCH better than it was a year ago. I know that for a fact.
10. Be healthier overall...weight loss isn't the only benefit of regular exercise.

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