Monday, August 8, 2011


Shawni over at 71 Toes uses this acronym a lot in some of her posts: IWAN. What it means is this: I Want A Newborn. Well, I don't. Hence the title of today's post: I-D-WAN, or I DON'T Want A Newborn.

Don't get me wrong, newborns are cute, precious, adorable, and all that other jazz...but I'm just done with all that. I'm DONE. with pregnancy, diapers, midnight feedings and breastfeeding. However, my little (and big) girls would love to have a newborn around again:

This is Nicole, Sarah, Amelia and Libby with their tiny second cousin, Meili. Meili got to join her mom in a bridal shower I helped give for two of my nieces on Saturday. Meili is adorable, so naturally my girls went ga-ga over her! I don't blame them, but I still don't want one. :)

Finally, here is a shot of the food table for Saturday's shower:

Everything turned out really yummy. Check out Mel's Kitchen Cafe for this pasta salad recipe I used. It was delish.

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