Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day of Remembrance

My birthdays changed forever 10 years ago today. They used to be about celebrating me, but they aren't just about me anymore. They are about remembering. On 9/11, my birthday was about shock, fear and grief...the same shock, fear and grief we all felt that day as we watched the World Trade Center Towers come down. But they are evolving into a remembrance of faith, unity, heroism and love. 

I still get another year older, but I don't just get another year older anymore. We get another year farther away from the unity and faith that grew out of 9/11. This is unfortunate. I think President Thomas S. Monson says it best in his Washington Post editorial on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11:

"The darkness of our despair brought us a moment of enlightenment. But we are forgetful. When the depth of grief has passed, its lessons often pass from our minds and hearts as well." 

Click on the link above to read the entire guest editorial by President Monson. He has some very insightful things to say.

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