Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who put the jack in jack-o-lantern?

It was the annual carving o' the jack-o-lanterns Monday night. As always, cleaning out the pumpkins was not the most fun part of the evening, but it was still fun. Here are the results:

Mia painted this one at an activity she went to. Notice the reflection of the backside of the pumpkin. You can see she's been taught well. ;)

 This is Jared's masterpiece. He worked a while on it and did a great job!

 Mia's...the classic barfing pumpkin. Just what I like to see. 

 Libby's...of course done with help from daddy.

 I think Jeff puts the Jack in jack-o-lantern every year.

 Scarface. The best thing about it is the stem!

Jake has also been taught well!

We also did some leaf idea I saw over at Or So She Says.  It was really fun, especially for my 3 younger girls. Jeff also got in on the action! Here's a shot of the waxed leaves. They can be strung into a garland or put in a glass vase or strewn on the Thanksgiving table, or any other use you can think of. 

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