Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book Review: The Tehran Initiative

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Time for another book review! I really enjoy books that have basis in fact and reflect current events. This is one of those types of books. In fact, all of Joel Rosenberg's novels fit this category. I recommend all of them, but I will talk about The Tehran Initiative for today.

If you've been keeping up with events in the Middle East lately, then you know all about Iran and the nuclear warhead questions. You also know that Israel is threatening to take out Iran's nuclear capability. This is what The Tehran Initiative is all about.

David Shirazi is the hero of The Tehran Initiative. He is an American of Iranian descent. He's a CIA operative, and he's their best hope for finding out if, in fact, Iran does have nuclear warheads and where they are. David is in great danger and is working against the clock, as Israel's PM Naphtali has promised to take action sooner rather than later. We all know there would be tough consequences for the whole world if Israel and Iran go to war, and the book reiterates this.

As David works, The Twelfth Imam has reappeared in Iran and is showing one face to the world and another to those who surround him and do his bidding. To the world, he wants peace, but those closest to him know the truth: Islam must reign at any price. That price includes the lives of the Jewish and American people.

The Tehran Initiative is a gripping read that will have you reading instead of doing other maybe laundry. :)

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