Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Abacus Complete!!

In case you didn't know (and I didn't before this project) the plural of abacus can be either abaci...or abacuses. We prefer abacuses. Namely, 100 of them. In the picture above, Jared is holding a box of 75 of them that went to an elementary school in our district. Another school got the other 25. For his Eagle Scout project, he chose to help out 100 first graders by making abacuses for them to learn math. The district is rolling out a new program for math learning in first grade, and what Jared did was a HUGE help.

Here's Jared and the cute 1st grade teacher who requested the project. Jared is holding the version of the abacus that the kids will use, and the teacher is holding the giant teacher version, which I think is awesome! A big one that size will be so easy for every child in the room to see as she explains how they work.

Here is Jared with all of the first grade teachers at that school. They were all THRILLED to get those abacuses...I can't tell you how much. They fawned over Jared and made him feel like a million bucks, which was great. They took our address so that all the first graders can write a thank you note to Jared. That will be fun to get!

**A big thank you to Jared's troop who helped put them together one evening. It was a big help. But the biggest shout out goes to Jared, who literally spent days getting them ready for that point. Awesome job, Joj!!**

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