Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Food (aka Fat Food)

I've gained a couple of pounds. :P

But it's my own fault.

I could blame it on Fall...the crisp feeling in the air calls for baking up delicious treats. So that's what I did. Obviously, I didn't stop at just making them.

I made this:
Cinnamon Roll Pumpkin Vanilla sheet cake from here. 

You know what? At first, I liked it. It's moist, although almost too moist, and sweet. Then I decided it was too sweet, and for me, didn't have enough pumpkin flavor. Not everyone liked it. And the most telling thing? The whole pan did not get eaten. I think that says it all right there. If I ever made it again (but I probably won't), I would not put the frosting on. It didn't need it.

I also made this:
And now we're talking total deliciousness--no question. This is Apple Walnut Bundt Cake with(out) Rum Icing. You'll find it here. The hubs could take it or leave it, but everyone else wanted seconds, and Nicole took a piece with her back to her college apartment. In other words, no leftovers.

The recipe calls for rum icing, made with rum extract, which would probably be good. I just decided that for our family (diabetes, etc) whipped cream would be better, so that's what we put on top. I think the best part was the walnuts. I am a put-walnuts-in-cake-bread-muffins-chocolate-or-whatever kind of girl. I love walnuts.

And now I must go workout. Have you seen an app called Gym Pocket Guide? Awesome.

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