Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! ~ or My, how time flies.

This is Nicole at 2 years old, wearing Grandma's little witch costume. I can't believe how time flies. (And her cute little cousins are also all grown up now--one with a baby on the way!)

I've been wondering this morning how it is that I only have two of my kids left in the annual elementary school Halloween Parade?! I mean, really? It seems like yesterday that my Nicole was Grandma's little witch, or five years old and wearing the Pink Power Ranger costume she wanted me to make for her. Now she doesn't even live here!

Well, I still had fun with Libby and Mia this morning. Libby's little "Chinese girl dress" was found on one of mine and Jeff's visits to the DI. We thought she would love it, and she does. Add a black wig and some makeup, and she was thinking that her BFF won't even recognize her. Mia makes an awesome clown! First time I've done clown makeup...first time one of my kids wanted to be one...but she turned out fantastic. The glasses, bow tie and gloves were all Dollar Tree finds. Add a crazy flowered shirt, also from the DI, and my rainbow striped knee-high socks & Sarah's old pink converse, and we had a hit. Mia did her "crazy hair pigtails" by herself. Incidentally, this pic above is the one they wanted with "crazy faces."

My kids always tell me I'm no fun at Halloween cause I "never" dress up. But I'm here to dispel that rumor. Once in awhile, I do have fun on Halloween...or else Jeff has enough for the both of us. Behold exhibit A:

This is from Halloween 2009. I dubbed it "me and my boyfriend with hair." I had more hair then, too....although mine is real. (ha!) Exhibit B:

Also from Halloween 2009. The year we went to an adult Halloween party. I'm the hunter and I got my trophy, yes I did.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and don't raid (too much) of the candy supply before the trick-or-treaters come. :)

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