Thursday, December 20, 2012

Real life & diabetes: Blessings

Meltdown. Confirmed.

Yesterday was not such a good day. And I did not handle it particularly well. Oh, I didn't yell or scream (too much) but I was not nice. I was not happy. I had HAD IT!!

With 6 days before Christmas, we had to have $340 of car repairs. Jared's infusion sets (the needles that go under his skin to deliver insulin) were not working. One was leaking onto his clothes. The next one kept giving an "occlusion detected" alarm on his pump. I felt like yelling "OH MY GOSH! Will it never end?!" Needless to say, his blood sugars yesterday were through the roof, and wouldn't come down below 400 for hours. So stressful--especially for him, I know. But also for his mom. And the $340 in car repairs? Nothing compared to the worry of diabetes. So I had resolved to just deal with that, but the diabetes was still not under control.

Later in the evening as I tried to chill out by folding laundry, I said to Jared, "Diabetes sucks!! And I'm not even you." After about 30 seconds pause, Jared said something that really astounded me.

He said, "Sometimes it's a blessing."

What? He said what?

I repeat: "Sometimes it's a blessing."

I said, "Why do you say that?" (Especially after such a tough day!)

He said, "Because it teaches me things."

Talk about kids teaching parents. That right there was a really humbling moment.

And I'm officially done complaining.

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