Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great Read: My Cousin Rachel

This is one my favorite books of all time!

I decided that I cannot continue to do book reviews of new books only, because there are so many that I have owned & loved for years. This is one of those.

Daphne Du Maurier was a master of suspenseful writing. Hitchcock was a master of suspenseful films. He was intrigued by Du Maurier's books, and made three of them into movies--Rebecca, Jamaica Inn, and The Birds. (The Birds was based on a short story Du Maurier penned).

Though My Cousin Rachel wasn't one of those, I wish it had been. It would've been deliciously suspenseful on screen!!

My Cousin Rachel was published in 1951. It is the story of Philip Ashley, who falls in love with his beautiful and newly introduced cousin, Rachel. The tension and suspense comes into play as Philip begins to uncover evidence that Rachel may have poisoned her husband and Philip's loving guardian, Ambrose Ashley, in order to profit from the Ashley estate. As Philip learns more and more unflattering things about Rachel, and as he continues to fall in love with her, he tries to deny the truth of what he is uncovering. Should he deny it? Or is it true? And will Rachel only hurt him in the end?

If you love old tales of mystery, romance and suspense--you will love My Cousin Rachel.

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