Thursday, February 28, 2013

Crisis averted. How about some Udderly Smooth?

I'm amazed.

I thought after the new year, this blog might die a slow death. Really, I did.

Admittedly, it didn't help that I lost a little uumph in the blogging department. :P

But you know what, anything can (and often does!) happen.

And evidently, you guys like deals. And you like recipes. And kid birthday party ideas. And other stuff. And awesome companies manage to find little old me and ask to work together. (I still don't get how that happens). Crazy stats this week...much higher than I anticipated. So no death yet. It's all good!

Here's something I like--no, make that LOVE--that you should try if you haven't:

It may or may not be called "the cow lotion" around here. But whatever we call it, it works. Having diabetes makes Jared get terrible eczema on his hands in the winter. Well, Jared used to get terrible eczema on his hands in the winter. This winter, Udderly Smooth kept his hands in good condition. And I'm telling you that it works better than the prescription he has. I get dry skin on my hands in the winter too, and only one application of this stuff makes them Udderly Smooth again. {I couldn't resist}.

**Note: Udderly Smooth doesn't know me from Adam.**

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