Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Celebrating a quarter century with James Taylor & Blue Lemon

So how did we celebrate our 25th anniversary, besides doing some painting around the house?

Only by going to a concert featuring James Taylor and the MoTab, courtesy of our missionary son who put in for the tickets for us just a couple days before he left. Do I ever get tickets like that when I put in? No!

 It was A. MAZE. ING!

This is us before the concert started. BTW, I got new glasses. (There's really no great substitute for a pair of progressives when your eyes are 46 years old. My eyes are that old, but the rest of me isn't!)

Before the concert, we ate at a new (to us) restaurant called Blue Lemon.

Boy howdy, was it ever delicious!!

 You're looking at Butternut Squash soup (which I am still dreaming about, it was so good!), Iron-grilled Salmon over rice pilaf, and a Fruit-topped Cookie. The cookie may not look like much, but lemme tell you, it was perfect. Jeff and I both had the soup and we both thought it was THE. BEST. part of the meal.

The concert part of the night was so awesome. First up was "Carolina on My Mind." It was beautiful. My favorite number was a lullaby he wrote for his nephew called, "Sweet Baby James." Here is another recording of that song.

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