Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Love. Want. NEED!

Gotta keep my wants and needs straight, you know.

I went shopping at Costco today. I needed a sweater for Elder Jake and a wedding gift for a young man from our neighborhood. I found a couple things that I could just DIE over.

Too bad it's not my wedding, but that already happened.

First, these darling mugs. I DID die when I saw these.

Who doesn't want to have hot cocoa or soup or whatever out of one of these mugs in the morning?! (Probably a guy, that's who. So I didn't buy these for the happy couple). But seriously, they are happiness to me just looking at them.

This is what I did buy:

This 3-piece baking set also comes in red and mustard colors! I need this for Thanksgiving.

Thanks to my practical side, I did not buy anything for myself. I'm pretty boring that way. Watch, though. I'll get told by the hubs to go get them if I'd like to, and when I do they will all be gone. You'd think I'd learn by now....

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