Thursday, January 9, 2014

Adventures in remodeling: Bathroom renovation, part 2

I could also title this post "The good, the bad and the ugly." On Tuesday our bathroom renovation officially began. Again, here is a shot from before.

 There were some problems we were expecting before demolition even began. One is that the floor in front of the tub had a big hump in it.

Yep, it not only looks nasty, it smelled nasty. And literally crumbled.
But, we were saved from any real sub-floor damage by a surprise. Underneath the rotten floor, there was another layer of linoleum and particle board that was not rotten. See the gold honeycomb pattern stuff in the pic above (right side)? That only covered a square that basically ran in front of the tub. Carpet or something must have been everywhere else. That must have looked awesome...not.

This is a shot after the first day. Most everything was gone except for some of that surprise layer of flooring.

Well the good news is we now have a white tub--though it's not usable quite yet. The bad news is that we are unable to move the toilet over like we hoped. Something about a little old floor joist being in the way and having to cut it too much for comfort. The toilet would have been out 4 inches from the wall in order to make it work, and that would look stupid. So we're leaving it as is.

That just causes a shift in our hoped-for plans. Since we don't need to shorten the 89-inch vanity, we now need to locate a new 89-inch vanity that we both like, and they are proving to be scarce or take weeks to be custom made. We have to make a decision on that today so work can continue. It's just the focal point of the room....but I also don't want to spend an arm and a leg. We like to strike a balance between a quality product and reasonable price. 

Informal poll (just out of curiosity): Do you put in another 89" vanity and fill the entire space, or do you put in a 72" vanity and have about 8-9" of space on each side (as if it's a piece of furniture)? Both are viable options, but there are drawbacks to the space.  Please leave a comment and tell me what you think. Thanks!


  1. I love vanities that look like a "piece of furniture". I think you should go 72" for sure. You could put so many fun things in the extra space, like pretty, large floor vase with some dogwood or cherry branches. Or, maybe a fun narrow hutch with glass doors to display towels and pretty toiletries? You could even use the space for a pretty coat rack that could be used as a towel rack instead!

  2. Jenny, I love your suggestions! The coat rack suggestion is exactly what we need. With 4 kids who will all insist on using the new shower, I'm sure the extra space to hang towels will be needed. I have never thought of that myself. Thanks!!!!

  3. Yep. The shorter vanity and even some fancy light in the corner between the door and that end of the vanity... like a vertical track light with a dimmer!


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