Friday, January 17, 2014

Bathroom Renovation: Progress

Well, progress has been made on our main bathroom. What looked like this last week:

Now looks like this:

This is a tile called White Sands, with a mosaic strip called Cool Springs. It's got a mixture of glass and stone tiles in dark gray, light gray, white and a little gold thrown in. It comes in 12" x 12" squares that we are cutting into four 3" strips. Relatively speaking, it's probably the most expensive part of this remodel at $10.98 per square, but we love it so much we are splurging. (Every remodeling job we do, there is always one thing that we end up splurging on. This time it's Cool Springs Mosaic).

The tile surround, which used to look like this:

Now looks like this:

It is thisclose to being done, and will be completed today. There will be another full row of what we are calling "jumbo subway tiles" above the top row of mosaic. There was going to be one row of mosaic, but we liked it so well with a second that we are buying one more square to finish it off. And to think we considered buying a plain white tub surround. We love this SO much better!

Both the floor and the shower will be grouted with SpectraLock epoxy grout in Silver Shadow, which is a very light gray. I think that's going to be started today.

I think my kids are a little nervous about losing the rights to this bathroom--mom and dad just may claim it when it's done! 

The renovation will supposedly be finished in a week from now. It's gonna be close....

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