Friday, February 7, 2014

Bathroom Renovation: Reveal!

Exactly one month ago today, demolition started on our 70s-era bathroom--it was finally time for it to go! Most of it was completed a week ago, with the exception of the mirror, and that was finally put together yesterday.

With no further adieu, here are a bunch of before & afters.

Honestly, when we set out to remodel this bathroom, we had no idea how great it was going to turn out! It's always fun to see how the ideas in your head turn into reality....and how even though plans change, the change can turn out better than what you thought it should have been.

We also met a few miracles along the way:

1. The vanity, listed at for $1299 after a $200 rebate, was found at a freight recovery store in Salt Lake for $719, minus an extra 45% off on vanities that day. We paid a whopping $423.12 for what should have been three times as much. It's birch, stained in red mahogany, with Brazilian granite counter and integrated sinks. LOVE.

2. At the same freight recovery store (NPS), the American Standard Champion Pro toilet was had for $100. Price at the American Standard website? $448-696.00.

3. The jumbo subway tile in the shower was found on a Lowe's clearance rack for $1.55 per square foot. We saved 1/2 over comparable tiles, and this was the one we both loved the minute we saw it.

4. We purchased the floor tile 5 or 6 years ago, I believe for about 88 cents per square foot, and hung onto it. The miracle? We had bought enough to cover the floor in front of the old vanity, not anticipating that we would have a furniture-style vanity and would need to tile the entire floor. We should not have had enough of it, but we somehow were able to do a diagonal pattern in the middle of the floor, cover the entire thing, and have 10 tiles left over. Don't know how it happened, but really grateful that it did!

5. The shower doors were pulled out of a fancy home in Park City by our contractor, and saved for some future use--or to sell. They are frameless (no bar down the middle between the doors) and heavy duty glass. He realized they would fit our shower and offered them to us. They are definitely not cheap, but he let us have them for $50 and a duck hunting excursion with Jeff. :) That's a savings of at least $250 bucks.

Monday I will post some details about the wall-sized mirror. Got one like it? Framing it out would be a great DIY project.

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