Friday, May 27, 2011

First Grade Talent Show

My little first grader had her talent show today! Of course I got there, armed with the good camera, only to find the battery dead. (I hate when I forget to charge it up ahead of time!) So you get to see pics taken with my camera phone. Definitely not the best, but at least it's captured for posterity.

Libby with the picture she drew for the show.
Telling everyone about the drawing. "It's me playing outside."
Singing songs with the class. Yes, height (or the lack thereof) runs in the family.
After the show, the class was going to have banana splits. I overheard a little boy say to the teacher, "Teacher! This is the best day ever! I get to have a banana split, and I get to get away from my sister and my mom!"  I thought that was priceless.

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