Monday, May 23, 2011

My favorite garden vegetables

Well now, if the weather around here EVER starts to cooperate for more than just one day at a time, I will be planting my vegetable garden soon! Most years, we would have planted it already, but Utah seems to think it's traded spots with Washington State or something. Anyway, while I sit here waiting on the weather, I thought I'd post a list of some of our favorite things to grow in the garden.

Baby Roma tomatoes are delicious and grow easily. We've always had good luck with them...if we keep the deer out of them!

 Ever seen these before? Lemon Cucumbers. They are so delicious. We like them better than regular green slicing cucumbers. Eat them by themselves with a little salt or some balsamic vinegar, or add them to a salad.
Roma tomatoes make the best tomato sauce! Later on I will post a recipe for Fresh Roma Pasta Sauce that is out-of-this-world good.
Speaking of pasta sauce, you can put it on Spaghetti Squash. We usually just serve it buttered with salt and pepper. So's my hubby's favorite.

Anaheim Chilis are a must around here. I use them with either the Roma tomatoes or regular slicing tomatoes to make fresh pico. I'll post a recipe for that sometime as well.

What do you like to grow in your garden?

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