Saturday, July 16, 2011

The return of the pioneers

 Jake and Jared went on a 4 day pioneer trek in Wyoming.
They had a great time! This is how they looked when they returned today. A little worn out, but still in one piece. Jared took great care of his diabetes while he was gone, and he had no problems at all. In spite of pushing handcarts for miles and miles, he didn't even get low blood sugar until they were coming home on the bus. It's really quite amazing. I think we can add that to our own list of miracles. See the 17 Miracles post.
I'm very, very GRATEFUL! Grateful that Jared had no problems. Grateful that both of them stayed healthy. Grateful that Jake's Ma and Pa said he was "a hard worker." Grateful that Jared's Ma and Pa said he is "an awesome kid." They also said that Jake would come to their camp in the evenings to check on his little brother Jared and make sure he was okay. Awww! (Yes, I teared up when I heard that). So awesome! Grateful for both of their Pas and Mas looking out for them. I'm grateful for both of my boys. And grateful that they had such a wonderful opportunity.

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  1. That's certainly enough for a few tears,... And an "aaawwe" from cousin Sadie.


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