Sunday, August 21, 2011

The only thing constant is change

We just returned from a camping trip, sort of a last blast before school starts...TOMORROW. I can't believe it starts so soon! Part of me isn't ready and it doesn't seem real, but part of me is ready to buckle down and get back to my own work (freelance writing). This is a pic of all my kids, taken on a hike we went on around the area of our campsite. I didn't realize when I took it that they have really changed from the last time we took a pic of them lined up by age. Their heights used to match their ages. When did they grow and change so much?! 

Don't mention to Jared (3rd from the right) that his little sister (younger by 25 months) is the same height he is. That won't go over well. Poor little dude. :)

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