Friday, November 18, 2011

Food Nanny experiment

We could also call this post, "Shopping with a plan." And it works. I bought all of the above groceries using store deals and coupons, after planning out two weeks of menus at The Food Nanny's website. I've seen her show just a couple of times, and as I thought about how well I need to plan my grocery shopping (because let's face it, prices don't seem to be going down!) I figured I'd give the Food Nanny a shot.

I went to her site last night, planned & printed the menus and then printed the shopping list. I had to go over the shopping list and x out everything that I already have in my pantry--which took off quite a number of things to buy--and then I wrote up my list for today's shopping.

It was a pretty darn successful shopping day, lemme tell you. I got everything in the pics above for just over $100. Admittedly, that doesn't count the chicken I needed--I like to get that at Costco. So add another $15 bucks. But it DOES include a turkey and other extras for Thanksgiving. Add another $25 for the Bountiful Basket I'm picking up tomorrow, with an extra pack of winter squash included, and we're still doing well. This is a family of 7, with two teenage boys, so we're doing especially well!

So the menu planning and shopping with the Food Nanny went well--the next test is the recipes themselves. I will post during the next couple of weeks and let you know which recipes worked...and which didn't. Hopefully they will all work, but I've learned not to hold my breath around here.

**Note: I have no affiliation with The Food Nanny whatsoever and I am not receiving any kind of payment for doing this. This is just me trying something new and letting you know what happens.**

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