Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Mia!!

Our little Amelia turns 10 today...can't even believe it! She's growing up so fast. In the pic above, she's opening her first gift from us: 3 tickets to Centerpoint Theater's production of A Christmas Carol! Jeff and I will be taking her to see it Friday night. She LOVES theater, so she can't wait!
Her next gift was one of those things that almost literally jumps out at you at the store and you know your intended recipient HAS to have it. This red dress coat is adorable on her and she was thrilled!
Here she is in the red coat. It looks as good as I pictured when I bought it.
When the family came over to celebrate with us last Sunday, Mia was lucky enough to get a total of $75 to go shopping with! So this morning, she asked to go out to breakfast at Einstein Bros Bagels (instead of the lunch we usually do), and then we went shopping--Mia, her dad, and me. She bought this little cardigan, ruffled shirt, skirt and headband at Seagull Book. This is part of a new line they are carrying called Sweet Pea. So cute!
She also bought this black shirt, a white cami underneath, and then we went to Walmart for the black shoes.  Thanks to all our family who made these cute outfits possible!  She's extremely happy with all she was able to get. Happy Birthday, Mia!!

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