Monday, December 5, 2011

How I got my groove on--or in other words, how I {FINALLY} caught the Christmas spirit

Nativity from Mexico.

It was the nutcrackers that did it to me.

I was suffering from a pretty serious case of the ho opposed to the bah humbugs, which is totally Scroogey. I wasn't totally Scroogey, just in a wishy-washy funk.

{Hope that made sense}

The kids were the ones to set up AND decorate the tree. (Which was kinda nice. I may have them do it next year, too).

Jeff was the one who made the framed art of Santa's sleigh. To make your own, visit Stampin' Up and look at the Decor Elements collection. He simply painted a second-hand frame, mounted the vinyl cut out on the glass, and mounted the glass into the frame with silicone so that it needs no back to hold it in. 

After all that, I set up the nativity scenes, which helped, but it was the nutcrackers that did it.

The nutcrackers that Jeff and I have been collecting since our very first Christmas together. Setting them up, remembering when we got them, looking at the ones that were painted by Jeff's mom and remembering her and how much she loved Christmas time.

I finally caught the Christmas spirit. I really needed it. Here's to nutcrackers!

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