Friday, December 16, 2011


Jeff came home with delicious gingerbread cookies, stamped with Stampin' Up's cookie stamps, and made by none other than the CEO and her executive group for every employee. There were 4 cookies (one was eaten by yours truly), and the employees are not few in number. This was also just the "least" of the things done for employees at Christmas, although making thousands of cookies was A LOT of work. What an amazing place for Jeff to work. So grateful.

Libby made this card at school. You can see who we root for in this house. :)

 That is cream on the top of my 25-calorie hot chocolate, baby. I know it sounds a lot like people who go to McDonald's and order diet coke with their heart attack on a tray, but I don't do that. I only put cream on my 25-calorie hot chocolate at Christmas time. :)

Dangerous to have around the house. Dangerous. Good thing it isn't for me. :)

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