Saturday, January 28, 2012

A conversation

In my last post, I mentioned having recently got a smartphone. One reason that I don't use it a whole lot is because my kids always want to use it. This morning 7-year-old Libby asked me if she could play with it, and I was busy cleaning so I said yes. A little bit later, I found her texting her big sister. The thing is, I had no idea that she even know how to text--Nicole didn't either. I thought I'd share the conversation I found on my phone. It's hilarious.

Libby: (notice she initiated it) Yo this is Libby.

Nicole: Yo Lib

Libby: Time to come home

{That just says it all right there. Like the pic above shows, those two are buddies}. A little bit later, Libby got hold of my phone again:

Libby: hi this is guess

Nicole: hi this is guess who?

Libby: This is Libby

Nicole: haha! Yes I knew that! I was just playing with you.

Libby: LOL

Nicole: silly goose

Libby: No your a will goose!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$

Libby: I mean will goose.

Nicole: No way!

Libby: No I mean silly goose. Finally I got it right.

Nicole: You are a good little texter!

Libby: Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole: How'd you get so good?

Libby: I don't know!

Well, no one else knows either. LOL

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