Friday, January 27, 2012

An invitation

So, I have been hearing about Pinterest. How I can "pin" things I like to a virtual bulletin board, giving me a place to save the stuff I come across on the web and want to use/try/buy/cook for myself. Good idea, I thought. Finally went to the site and found that I need an invitation to join. Well, that was easy. I just texted this girl:

"So can you invite me to Pinterest?" says I.

"Yes what email would you like me to use?" says Nicole, about 2 seconds later.

See? Easy peasy.

Turns out that was the only easy part. Looks like I got instantly signed up to follow lots of people I don't know--and vice versa. And how about putting a "pin it" button on this blog? That doesn't seem too easy. I'm confused. :s

{That's like my smartphone I've now had for a month and only use about a 10th of its capability because I still don't know what I am doing}.

Good thing I have Nicole. And that I know how to text.

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