Friday, January 13, 2012

They've got balls!

I just love titles with double meanings. (insert wicked laugh here and then read on...)

Jeff took some of our kids to a signing event for the local NBA basketball team last night. Some of the players were very nice and showed interest in the people who were there (mostly season ticket holders, which we aren't). But certain other players, one in particular, showed us exactly why there was an NBA lockout last fall.

This certain player acted like a jerk. He refused to look at people who he gave autographs to. He took my kids' balls they'd brought, signed them, and roughly flicked them back across the table without ever even glancing up. As they walked by, Jeff heard him say grumpily, "Isn't this the end of the line YET?!"

I think he and the few others like him ought to remember who really pays their salaries. They are heroes to a lot of kids out there. Who are they playing for? I think it's sad when they can't seem to show any appreciation for the fans they supposedly play for. Really sad! This player ought to be reprimanded for his behavior last night. I hope the team managers paid attention.

Okay. Soapbox is put away now. :)

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