Monday, January 30, 2012

Turning bad into good

**Update: Literally 30 MINUTES after I posted this, my oldest son discovered that the bathroom downstairs was flooding. So why don't we just add that to my list? :)

Happy Monday! The last Monday of January. One month closer to spring!

Seems like a good day to share what 2012 has been like so far. You could probably call it the month of what-doesn't-work-now?! We literally laughed about this last week. What else was there to do?

--The dishwasher needs a new thermal fuse. And the repairman is MIA.
--The Suburban needed (and got) a new fuel pump. We're talkin' $650. Ouch.
--The desktop computer got a bad virus and is still having issues with corrupt files and blue screens of death.
--There's a leak under one of the bathroom sinks. That bathroom also has a hump in the floor. Not good.

Bad things can lead to good things, though.

--My kids have learned how to wash & dry dishes by hand like their mom always did when she was little. Good thing to know.
--We have an awesome mechanic who even comes and gets our vehicles and then brings them back. For free.
--The main bathroom will get to be gutted and redone one of these days. Something it NEEDS, and something I will be VERY happy about!

Here's to taking lemons and turning them into lemonade!

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