Friday, February 3, 2012

Playing favorites

This is our treadmill. It's older, but we only paid $50 for it. So hey. And depending on who you ask, it works great.

I like the treadmill, and it likes me. I've been using it 3 times per week for walk/runs to build up my running time. I would really like to be able to go on short runs with Jeff, and the treadmill is going to help me get there. At least that's the plan. So far, so good.

But ask Jeff about the treadmill, and you'll get a different story. It would actually be quite comical if it wasn't so strange, and so maddening for Jeff. Every time Jeff tries to use the treadmill, it quits on him. Lately, he might get a whole 7 minutes of running time before it just dies. EVERY TIME. I know when it dies, because I will hear it stop, followed by the sound of Jeff making a very frustrated "AAAUUGGHHH!"

I could have used it without a problem earlier that very day, or I could get on the next morning and have no trouble. I can get through a whole program--20 or 30 minutes. When I use it, it works. When he uses it, it doesn't. And it's crazy because it makes no sense.

Can treadmills play favorites? Because this one does.

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