Monday, February 13, 2012

A post for my valentine

{me and my almost 24-year valentine}

Dear Valentine,

I love you so much! You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Really. Even better than eating chocolate. Even better than finding/buying/fixing up our dream house. Even better than having six awesome kids. Even better than gaining a second mother. Because all of it wouldn't have happened without you. Except for eating chocolate, since we both know I do that every day. I admit it. But hey, you do earn the money for my fix. So thanks! :)

A few of the best things you have ever done for me include: holding my hand through hours and hours and hours of labor and refusing to leave my side; always accepting and loving me no matter what I looked like (and there have been some bad days!); telling me that you love to hear the sound of my voice (I posted about that here); when we were tearing out our old kitchen and you handed me a hammer and told me to go for it, knowing how I hated that old yellow counter top, and then took a pic of me hammering the heck out of it; you coming in when I'm sick, using your sweet voice (Yes! You do have one!) to ask me what you can do for me; patiently covering your head with your pillow at night instead of getting mad at me when I turn on my reading light; and finally, all the things you bring me from work so that I can have fun being creative. All of these things melt my heart.

Thank you for being the BEST valentine a girl ever hoped for! I will try to be the best valentine for you. I won't turn on the reading light tonight. Promise. :)

Love, me

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