Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear Nie--

I loved your post today.

We have something in common. Something cute, but maddening!

It's those pesky deer. I totally liked when you said, "I used to think deer were so enchanted and adorable." Yeah, me too. I still remember when Disney's Bambi came out. I was 8. My daddy took me to see it. Just me & him. And then he took me to Village Inn. And later I won a cute plastic Bambi in a coloring contest. It was great. (Wish I still had that plastic Bambi!)

So unfortch, not all deer are like Bambi. You know, cute and sweet with cute little friends like Thumper.

They come into my yard and do this:

That's one of my day lilies. They also leave my tulips looking pretty much like yours. I get mad, too. Really mad.

If you figure something out, will you let me know?

One of your millions of faithful readers,

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