Thursday, July 26, 2012

Welcome to the teens!

Happy Birthday to Sarah, who turned 13 today! Here are some pics from the big day.

Black trash bag. That's some great wrapping right there.

Sarah had two things on her list: earrings, and a new comforter for her bed.

She got both! (If she was always this easy to please...)

There are 13 candles on that cake!

As family tradition dictates, Sarah got to go shopping with Mom, and out to lunch to a place of her choosing. She chose Jimmy John's. She also got to choose what I made for dinner, and that choice was hamburgers on the grill, with fresh watermelon on the side. Nicole also took Sarah to get her nails done with shellac. So all in all, Sarah's had a pretty awesome birthday. Happy Birthday, Sarah!! We love you!

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