Friday, September 28, 2012


Photo taken last week during a hike up behind the Bountiful Temple. The spire is just peeking from behind the hill.
"It is in the development of our testimonies, in the moving even partway up the mountain and out of our comfort zones, that I think we begin to approach our own personal, spiritual mountaintop where we can receive inspiration and truth as never before. It is there, just as I experienced in the tops of the Tetons, that we can think more clearly, see things more as they really are, and understand truth in a light that is pure and fresh. There, with the Holy Ghost to guide and influence us, we begin to understand, know how to teach, or bless the lives of others with new meaning and increased perception."  {Quote taken from a talk titled Spiritual Mountaintops by Jack H. Goaslind}

This quote from Jack H. Goaslind really hit home today and I decided to share a little bit of my experience with you. Yesterday I mentioned the winds and waves and rock climbing of life. Certainly we all have struggles to deal with, but in the end the struggles make us stronger. I've recently learned that even through what feels like the toughest climbs of life, we are not alone. When we reach the top and behold what glorious vistas are in store, we know that our struggles were worth it. And no way am I repelling back down that mountain--I will stay here and enjoy the view before the next one comes along. 

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