Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bargain Buy: Fairy Shoes

It's no secret that I buy stuff from "thrift" stores, such as Kid to Kid. (See my daughters' Kid to Kid fashion show at this post. Why pay more if I find something great for less?

Today I went to another thrift store known in these parts as the DI. (Short for Deseret Industries). Once in awhile, we find like new items and other great stuff (antiques, golf bags, golf shoes, books, etc etc etc), so we sometimes go treasure hunting there just for kicks. Jeff and I have been known to stop there during a date night. :)

While there I happened on these shoes. Shoes I wear that have embellishment on the toes and are flat, Jeff calls "fairy shoes." You're right if you assume that means he doesn't like them. But I do like them! These are great for Fall and fit me perfectly. What's more, they were $3 ($3!!!) and they look like they were never worn. Now that's what I call a bargain buy!

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