Friday, June 14, 2013

Need a great beach read?

This book review originally posted last winter, but NOW is the BEST time to read this book.  You know, summer, vacation, a beach....or a lounge chair on the deck (which is probably where I will read it again)? That kind. It's PERFECT.


I love a good romance.

Not the trashy kind. We're talking good, old fashioned, real romance, with a little mystery and intrigue thrown in for good measure. 

This book gave me what I love:
This book was staying-up-too-late-to-read-in-bed-with-a-flashlight good. And then I told Nicole she had to read it (which she did in less than two days) and she loved it, too. In fact, in her words, "It's my new favorite book!"

The novel is set in Victorian England, one of my favorite novel settings ever. (Maybe it's all that British Lit I read for my English degree in college). Julianne Donaldson does a great job, even using vernacular of the time to make it convincing.

The heroine is Marianne Daventry, a young woman with a father who is away grieving his recently deceased wife, a twin sister who is away enjoying the Season in London, and a crotchety grandmother who is caring for her in Bath. Grandmother is very wealthy, and not happy with her current heir, who Marianne refers to as "the nefarious nephew." Grandmother decides that she wants to change her main heir to Marianne, along with a condition: she allows Marianne to travel to a friend's estate, known as Edenbrooke, where her twin Cecily will be as well, to learn how to be a real lady. Marianne is happy to escape the boredom of Bath, as well as an annoying suitor who insists on writing Marianne bad poetry every chance he gets.

Marianne sets out for Edenbrooke in Kent, and this is where the excitement begins. Trouble finds her in the form of a highway robber, but she is rescued by a mysterious gentleman who helps her complete the journey to Edenbrooke safely. But who is the gentleman, and why would he not tell Marianne his name?

Edenbrooke proves to be a beautiful estate where Marianne feels warmed and welcomed. Will she try to become something she is not, or will she learn how to be her best self and find true love and acceptance in the process? Read Edenbrooke to find out. 

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  1. I saw this at Costco, and debated. Next trip to Costco, which is inevitable, I will pick up a copy. Love a good read! Thanks for sharing.


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