Friday, October 5, 2012


This is October's picture on my calendar. I really like the quote, and it got me thinking.

I thought of the old (yet still young!) friend I've known since junior high (that's you Chelle!) and friends I've known since high school (there a quite a few of those). They've all had a hand in the person I am now. The old cliche is true. Friends are so important! I tell my kids all the time to make sure they choose great friends for themselves. Sometimes great friends just show up, and we need to be smart enough to keep them around. I'll count my hubby among one of those. :)

There are also the friends that I've made in my adult life--the friends from our married student ward, our West Jordan neighborhood, our neighborhood now. In each place, I've met really awesome people that I never knew existed, yet they became an important part of our lives. It's just amazing to me how many awesome people there are in this world, and I'm grateful to know so many of them.

I can't forget the friends we meet who feel like an "old friend" as soon as you meet them. I have a few of those too...if you believe like I do then you know that those friendships had to have begun in the world before this one. See this post for more on that.

Friends are such a blessing! Thank you to all my mine for making my life better.

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