Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to The Man.

Today is Jeff's birthday.

He hasn't changed a bit. (Except for the bow tie. You wouldn't catch him in one now!)

In honor of his birthday, I'll just say a few things that I like about him. Yep, like. Because you can love someone, but if you don't like them too it's not as good as it could be. KWIM?

~the glint in his eye when he teases me.
~he's a hard worker, and always gives his best to everything.
~he's 5'10. For someone who is 5'3, that's tall enough.
~his sense of humor.
~he's nice to me about this blog, although I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy.
~when his past job was too stressful, he took up running as a way to deal. And now he's working on marathon #2.
~he is never afraid to try something new. Except if it's food that contains Lima beans.

Something I've really seen lately that I LOVE about him is his patience, kindness, and long-suffering ways. It's really a gift. And not just to me.

Happy Birthday honey! (He'll probably not read this, but that's okay. I still like him.)

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