Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy wreath

Every time I go downstairs by Nicole's (mostly unoccupied) room, this is what I see:

I went down there this morning, and I couldn't help but smile inside. Quite awhile ago, we each made one of these wreaths together. I can't remember where we saw the idea, but it's supposed to be a wreath to hang on your front door anytime you have a birthday in the family. I think Nicole's makes her happy enough that she doesn't care if it's her birthday or not--it stays on her bedroom door year round.

If you want to make a Happy Birthday wreath (or just a happy, give-you-a-smile-because-balloons-are-like-that wreath) it's sooo easy to do. Just get a straw wreath from your local craft store. I think we used 12 or 14 inch wreaths. You can wrap the wreath with wide ribbon, any color you like, if you choose. (We didn't, so it's not required). At the least, get enough ribbon in your choice of design/color to wrap around the top of the wreath for hanging it. Get a package of round balloons in your choice of colors. Obviously, we went with pastels, but primary colors would be cute also. For this size wreath, you want at least 100, depending on how closely you pack them in. Lastly, get some floral picks. They look like this:

Wrap either the entire wreath in ribbon, or just the top, leaving enough to hang it with. If your wreath came wrapped in plastic, I suggest leaving it intact because it keeps the straw from making a mess while you work on it. It also gives the picks more to cling to. Take your wrapped wreath and a balloon. Put a pick over the middle of the balloon and pin it to the wreath. Just keep going until you have filled in your wreath to your liking. Then hang it on your door and smile.

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