Monday, October 29, 2012

Pillow talk

Don't worry. This pillow talk is family-friendly. And it involves tigers.

Pic taken during our last visit to the zoo.
As I talked about here, Jeff always gets in bed before me. Last night I went in about 10 pm as usual, and he was in bed but still awake. The World Series had just ended.

Me: You're still awake.

Jeff: I was watching the World Series.

Me: Is it over?

Jeff: Yes.

Me: Like, totally over?

Jeff: Yes.

Me: Who won?

Jeff: The Giants.

Me: Who did they beat?

Jeff: You don't know who was playing??

Me: (smiling) No.

Jeff: Guess.

Me: Ummm, the Mets?

Jeff: (smiling) No.

Me: Ummm, the Yankees?

Jeff: (smiling more) No.

Me: The A's?

Jeff: Nope.

Me: I'm running out of teams! The Cardinals? The Red Sox?

Jeff: (laughing now) No!

Me: Orioles! Mariners! 

By this time, Jake had come in and was also enjoying the fact that his mom had no idea who was playing in the World Series. (So I happen to dislike baseball. It's not a crime). Being the sweet, loving son that he (usually) is, he gave me a hint.

Jake: Mom, they come from the land of cars.

Mom: (thinking fast) Detroit!

Jeff: (smiling) Detroit what??

Mom: Well, I know it's not the Pistons 'cause they're NBA.

Right then, the post-game show came on, so I looked over at the tv and waited to see the name of the teams.

Me: Aha! Tigers! (Thank you FOX TV, for saving my butt.)

Jake: So, Mom. Who is Detroit's football team??

Me: (thinking fast...thinking animals) Lions!

Jake: Way to go, Mom. (high five)

I managed to redeem myself a little with that one. :)

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