Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Revolution: Have you watched?

I was a big LOST fan. We're talking pretty darn big.

This does have something to do with NBC's new Monday night show Revolution: they are created by the same person, J.J. Abrams, in case you didn't know. This tells me a few things:

1. Watch carefully. The littlest bit of info can be very important down the road.
2. There are always clues to the bigger picture, sometimes in every scene.
3. There is always a HUGE clue at the end of each episode.
4. Abrams likes to use some of the same actors. Hello again, Elizabeth Mitchell and Mark Pellegrino!

When I saw some promos for Revolution and that J.J. Abrams was behind the scenes, I knew I must watch. The premise didn't hurt either. (The "present" day in Revolution is 15 years after a worldwide blackout. There is no electricity, no computers, no internet, nothing. The blackout effectively sent the world back to the mid 1800s). What I have noticed so far:

*Whenever the title comes on screen, "EVOLUTION" is up for several seconds first before the "R" appears in front. This means something. At the least, it refers to the evolution of society and individuals because of the blackout, but it probably means more. And generally, if someone or something evolves, it means that it/they become better than before. Interesting.

*If there ever was a world wide blackout (EMP?) of some kind, it wouldn't be any fun.

*Last night's episode showed just how mean some people could get when really hungry. Store food. :)

*So a certain few have power. Just what are those little amulets? In episode one, there was definitely a USB port inside one of them. Assuming they are all identical, what's stored in there and how many people have one?

*Today's constitutionalists could be the rebels of Revolution. After the blackout, government collapsed and militia took over. The rebels (revealed in last night's episode) have flag tattoos and are working towards reinstating the constitution and the United States of America.

It remains to be seen what happens next or if the show is successful, but in the meantime it's an interesting idea and does make you think. (Be aware that it contains some violence--which I hope lessens in the future. Anyway, it isn't for kids!)

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