Monday, November 19, 2012

Celebratin' in the dog house

My kids are all over the fact that it's Dukie's birthday. He's two years old. In male dog speak, that means he's still pretty much a puppy.

Sometimes I like that dog, but most of the time I think we should have named him Marley, because he could play Marley in the movie. Heck, he could be Marley! He gets trash from the trash can (paper plates seem to be the fave) and carries it to his kennel and stashes it in there. He slobbers on Jeff's suit. He barks at people. He doesn't always make it outside before peeing. HE CHEWED UP ONE OF MY PRIZED POSSESSIONS (which I still haven't forgiven him for. Is forgiving your dog part of the 10 commandments? If so, I'm in trouble.) Needless to say, he gets told "Go to your kennel!" a lot. One of the good things about him is that he always listens to that. He'll lay in there for a little while until he thinks the coast is clear. Then he'll come out and lick me like he's sorry.

Anyway, he's in there now. And the kids were smart to put his Happy Birthday sign on the door. They know he'll probably be celebrating there. :)

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