Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Last spring, our city council voted to allow chickens. Residents can keep up to 8 chickens (no roosters!) in their backyard for home production only. That means no selling the eggs.

We promptly got some chicks in the name of self-sufficiency, preparedness, etc, etc...all that good stuff. By the end of the summer, they all began laying eggs. This morning when I went to check on the chickens and let them out of their coop I discovered a Gino-egg in the nesting box. Take a look at what I mean:

It's huge.

It won't even fit into the carton with the normal-sized eggs:

We've had extra large eggs before (usually they have two yolks inside) but this one takes the cake. Jake guessed that it probably has three yolks. I was tempted to crack it open and see, but I'm going to wait until Jeff sees the size of the egg first.

Raising chickens takes a little work, but getting awesome eggs like this makes it more fun. This is one egg you couldn't buy in the store. I wonder what egg farms do with the occasional giant-sized eggs they must get?

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