Saturday, November 24, 2012

Triple layer cranberry-vanilla cake

Yesterday was Amelia's birthday. And she loves cranberries! I don't know if it's because she always celebrates around or on Thanksgiving, but she has loved them since she was old enough to try them. It was no surprise that when I showed her this cake in my recent issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, she said "I want that cake for my birthday!!"

This cake isn't hard to make. It's a vanilla sponge cake, baked in three layers. The filling is a simple cranberry filling made by cooking cranberries, sugar, apricot jam (I substituted homemade nectarine jam) and cinnamon together until the cranberries pop. Cool, and it will be the consistency of preserves.

 The cake is frosted with a whipped cream frosting that's different from the whipped cream frosting I've used on other birthday cakes, because it has a little sour cream added. Tasty.

It was a delicious cake. Amelia's favorite part was (of course) the cranberry filling!

We discovered that there were no birthday candles in the pantry, so we improvised:
 Love the effect!

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