Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nearly a quarter of a century & Happy Birthday to someone special!

Last night I came across this little gem:

Let me rephrase that. My kids came across this little gem while Jeff was letting them look through one of his boxes of keepsakes.

This pic was taken sometime in the latter half of March 1988, right after we'd gotten engaged nearly 25 years ago. Jeff's mom took us up the canyon to take some pictures. (If you remember, I've said before how she was never without a camera!) Thanks to her, we have this now.

Today would be her birthday--she's probably celebrating up in heaven--and we miss her. She passed away from breast cancer going on 6 years ago. I'm grateful to have known her. I called her Mom, and she truly was another Mother to me.

Happy Birthday Mom! And thanks again for all the pics. You can say you told everyone so.

Now back to the pic at hand. Just some funny and some not-so-funny observations:

Thick blue socks and white tennis shoes? Yeah, total 80's.
My hair was really light--naturally. And my eyebrows were always dark--naturally.
That Mickey Mouse sweatshirt? Nicole has it and wears it now. haha!
My Chi Theta Chi sweatshirt? No idea where that is....
I love the look on my face. I still feel like that today.
It was probably cold on those rocks.
Jeff had hair. :) So did I. A lot! That is why I keep it short now. Waaaay easier.

This isn't the only gem the kids found...periodically I'm going to post more of them in honor of our 25th Anniversary this year. Best 25 years of my life. 

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