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Feature Friday: XOXO Hats for Strength {and how YOU can help}

Today's post comes to you courtesy of my friend Kamille over at The Knotty Knitters, and Nicolette Holferty, founder of  XOXO Hats for Strength. Are you personally, or do you know someone who is affected by cancer? Do you knit? Read on for one of the greatest ideas I've seen lately. I just knew I had to share it with you. Thanks to Kamille and Nicolette!

Hi Friend! I am Nicolette Holferty, I am a wife to a yummy hubby 

and a mom to 3 amazing kiddos (Oh and a furry child, Gary the Newfie) A little bit about me..... I absolutely love Harley Davidson (I love my Harley people) and I love the Japanese culture.

I love spending time with my family and friends, and LOVE the outdoors!
In 2012 more and more of my loved ones started to get cancer, pretty soon it was all around. XOXO Hats for Strength literally all started to happen a week before Christmas 2012. I found out that one of my childhood friends has had cancer for 10 years and there was nothing else they could do for him, he has now past away. I found his wife on Facebook and saw that she was asking people if they knew how to knit. I told her I knit and are you still accepting hats. She replied with yes we are always accepting hats as long as they are being made.

So I start to knit a hat and just making it up as I go, all of a sudden I was knitting xoxoxoxo all around the hat. It has been growing from then on.

I now have a partnership with Huntsman and I am working with Kamille's Yarn Store at Gardner Village. 

 It feels like such a natural thing to be doing and something or someone is holding my hand saying just run with it.

Here's our first batch that I delivered on Valentines Day!! 
(Thank you Carla for hand making the tags)

 XOXO Hats for Strength allows patients going through chemo to always have hugs and kisses around them while they stay warm and protected. I have a pattern for babies, toddlers, children, women and men.  This will be going year round, when it starts to get warmer we will switch to cottons and linens with a more open pattern.  
There are a couple of ways that YOU can help with this amazing campaign

1. Knitting hats- You have to know how to do a simple cable stitch, Cable 1 front and K2tog, YO. On the xoxo tags that  we attach to the hats there is a space for the person that made the hat to sign. 

Want the XOXO Patterns FREE? Leave a comment below and email us at

When we have signed you up with your email we will let you know when we are delivering the hats to Huntsman and give you updates when events will be happening. This is going to be fun!!!!    

2. Purchase yarn at Kamilles Yarn Store either by calling or visit them in person. Here is the contact information for Kamilles Yarn Store 1100 W 7800 S, West Jordan · (801) 282-0477 Once you have purchased the yarn leave it there and the knitters can use it to knit more hats. Yarn is our fuel!!

3. Spread the word!!

4. You can purchase a XOXO Hat and all the proceeds will go towards Huntsman. (More info to come regarding this one but keep it in mind!!)

XOXO from the bottom of my heart,
Nicolette Holferty
Shoppe Enzian

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