Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life, Death & Love

 Last week was spent dealing with matters of life and death, and only that. Everything boiled down to taking care of necessities, and my blog didn't make the cut.

You see, Jeff's dad was on his way out of our lives. Not for forever, because we know we'll see him again someday, but for long enough. All goodbyes are hard--and this was no exception. We spent our days and nights taking care of Dad, taking care of our kids, and taking care of whatever practicalities demanded. Like food. {I admit the grocery situation got pretty low before I finally made the world's fastest Costco run}.

Yesterday was the funeral. Aside from a lot of rain, it was perfect. {I know some people would say even the rain was perfect}. Somehow rain seems fitting when you are laying a loved one to rest. There was a quote given during the funeral which I thought was so lovely. "To take the sorrow out of death, we'd have to take the love out of life."

So grateful for love in my life, and for a father-in-law who was caring and appreciative of me from the start.

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