Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Exophoria Update--It can't stop talent!

{Thanks to CJane. Her post today prompted this one!}

Back here I told you about Mia's condition called Exophoria, and I promised an update. FINALLY, here it is!

The glasses she was prescribed and wore all school year really helped. We're talking a DIBELS score that went from 48 to 101...almost back to where it should be! This is good news. Beyond that, taking classes at our local community theater academy for children has done even more.

Musical theater instruction has taught Mia valuable skills in singing, acting and dancing. But more than that, it's taught her life skills and given her tremendous self-confidence that Exophoria was trying to limit. We really saw this as she took to the stage in her school production of The Little Mermaid Jr. (See a video here).

Once her stint as Ariel was over, she auditioned for Fiddler on the Roof at our community theater and landed the role of Bielke, the youngest of Tevye's five daughters! This was so exciting, and really came at a great time. (Jeff's dad was in the hospital, dying, and this was a real bright spot in a tough week).

So, along with CJane, we've fallen in love with community theater and all it has to offer. Go and see a play this summer!

For more information on Fiddler on the Roof, visit Mia appears in the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday cast. I've seen parts of both cast rehearsals, and I promise it's going to be worth your time to see either one.

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