Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review: Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson

Here it is, a review of the second "proper romance" by Julianne Donaldson, titled Blackmoore. I LOVED IT.

{I don't know if I loved it quite as much as I loved Edenbrooke, but they can't be completely compared because Blackmoore is a little darker story. Still, the romance factor is extremely high, just as it is in Edenbrooke. I could not put the book down for the last 8 chapters or so, and finished it sooner than I thought I would!}

Blackmoore's hereoin is Kate Worthington, a young woman tortured by secrets of the past involving scandal within her own family. Because of these secrets, she has sworn off marriage, declaring she will "never, ever marry." She is bent on going away to India and living an adventurous life instead, but she must get past her mother first. At the heart of Kate's life, even more than she realizes in the beginning of the book, is her childhood friend and confidant Henry Delafield. Henry has the power to help her escape her life in England, but is she really ready to leave Henry behind?

The Delafield family estate, Blackmoore, as well as its fortune, is due to be inherited by Henry. Blackmoore is a dark place, surrounded by moor and ocean, with haunted rooms and a secret passageway that leads to a very romantic destination. When Kate and Henry strike up a bargain that will give Kate what she thinks is her heart's desire and they begin making late night ventures through the secret passageway, will she discover where her heart truly lies, or will her mother's schemes destroy her hopes for the future?  Read Blackmoore to find out!

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