Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From drab to fab

Hey there. How are you  my friend?

Today I'm talking about my house. Specifically the abundance of white walls. We're talking bright, plain-old-piece-of-paper white. When we bought it 11+ years ago, EVERY wall was white. We lived with it for awhile, and then I started changing some of them. The master bathroom is a light sage green, the laundry is a colonial blue, some of the kitchen is suede and some chocolate kiss. Sarah's room is a sea blue/green, and Nicole's is a very light lime green.

But everything else is still stark white and I'm sick of it.

I decided awhile ago that I wanted gray walls. Mind you, gray comes in lots of shades so it took me awhile to figure out what type of gray. And I had one other obstacle--my husband said he didn't like it. :(

Did I let that deter me? Not really. :) I kept talking about it ever-so-often, just enough that he knew I hadn't given up. Then one day, we went to a see a big fancy home in a home show, and guess what?

Every room in this fancy new house was GRAY. Beautiful shades of gray. And in every room, another color was added to play off the gray. I LOVED it! (You know how wives can sometimes feel a little vindicated in situations like this? Ahem).  What's more, Jeff actually began to go along with me.

So now we have finally agreed upon some nice shades of gray for the living room and main hallway, master bedroom, and main bathroom. See that Woodlawn Colonial Gray in front of the pic? That's going in the living room, hallway, and stairway to the basement. The one behind it is Urban Sunrise, and that is going in the main bath. The color to the right of Woodlawn Colonial Gray is Montpelier Ashlar Gray, and that will be in our master bedroom. All of these colors are in Valspar's Ultra paint + primer.

As we go along, I will post some before and after pics, especially of the main bath. That room is pretty much going to be gutted. We promised Elder Jake that he won't come home to a different house, but he is going to  come home to a changed house. 

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